The Stupid College Kid


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Jerks of the Year


Osama bin Laden

Well, it's unanimous. This little monkey is our esteemed jerk of the year. Millions of Americans would love to get their hands on this elusive simian-like rascal, but he's proven to be quite wily.


Navin Johnson

The Inventor of the "Opti-Grab" Navin R. Johnson, was the adopted son of a poor black sharecropper. This precursor to Forrest Gump pioneered the way for jerks everywhere, proving that even the most incompetant people can succeed in life.


Barney the Dinosaur

Although this infectious dinosaur is long past his prime, he has caused more long term damage to young dudes than originally thought. There has been a sharp decline in pee wee football participation, and a spike in basket-weaving clubs within the last few years. This culprit may not be a direct link, but there's a lot of finger pointing being done by dads across the nation.


Drew Barrymore

Oh God...Will her name in the media ever die? A loveable, child actress becomes a grown-up monstrousity. Some will agree that she's hot, but Hollywood can do anything. Will anyone ever come to the agreement that she is horrible at acting, and she's a huge ditz? C'mon, she married one-nut for God's sake!