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Spring Break

If you don't know where you're going, your ass better call somebody!

Well, its only a month away. Time to forget about slacking in the dorms because you can do it on the beaches. Here's the The Stupid College Kid's Top Destinations!

#1 Panama City Beach, Florida

This is my number one destination, and the destination for roughly 500,000 other rowdy students. If you don't believe my ass, the Travel Channel voted it the No#1 Spring Break Hangout in the World! Click on the picture below to check out the website


#2 Daytona Beach, Florida

An insane beach-party scence, cheap hotel rates, bikers and college kids thrown in the mix. What more is there in life? I went there last year and I got so drunk I couln't remember my own name (no lie). It's a crazy time! Check out the official website!


#3 Cancun, Mexico

Over 100,000 unruly students frequent this spring break mecca each year. Remember though; you're in foreign territory and anyone over 16 is tried as an adult. Don't even think about going donkey-tipping!


#4 South Padre Island, Texas

Hey, anything goes here. It's claim to fame is its close proximity to Mexico and the fact that kegs allowed on the beach. Did you hear me? Kegs are allowed on the beach you fool!


Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!