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Often overshadowed by the mullet, midgets, and unibrows, Thankles & Cankles deserve some of the limelight.

The Calf-Ankle (Cankle)
The cankle is usually prominent among older women and occurs due to neglect, constant abuse, and being just another victim of Nature's cruel jokes.  Cankles are not as bad as thankles, being there is a form to the thigh, but it's still nasty to look at.  You see, as mentioned, in the cankle the thigh can actually look normal and retain definition, but when you go below the knee it's a straight shot to the foot.  The calf is there, but there is no concave shape to the achilles.  To properly diagnose this you need to tape-measure, find the circumference and compare to that of the ankle.  If the circumference of the ankle is roughly the same as the calf, you're fucked.  From then on, you will be forever labelled as a pariah, outcast, and exile.


Thigh-Ankle (Thankle)
The only thing more dreaded than the cankle is the feared thankle.  This deformity knows no boundaries, and can sit silent like a snake, striking when you least expect it.  Case example- you walk into bar and meet a pretty face.  Ya go home with this chick, and slide your hand over her whole leg, noticing no variation.  You immediately turn blue in the face and your brain shuts down as a self-defense mechanism.  This phenomenon is noted not only by the pre-existence of a cankle, but the thigh is consistent as well, exhibiting no definition whatsoever.  The knee usually appears lumpy or hidden too.