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People of the Year


Homer Simpson

Yes, yes...Praise Homer. Time and time again, this nuclear plant technician's antics have allowed to him reach a comedic eschelon atypical to most cartoons. Here's your crown, scepter, and box of doughnuts your majesty.



The unmistakeable growl of this beligerant wookie has become the trademark sound for drunken college students across the nation. I just wanted to say thank you my canine friend, thank you...



This gentle behemoth has been making a comeback in the recent years. Sloth merchandise has boomed as this cult hero has rekindled the 80's child in most gen-x'ers. Look for Goonies on DVD!



Jeff Cohen (a.k.a. "Chunk") is yet another timeless Goonies character that has forever remained in our hearts. Maybe it was his 'Truffle Schuffle', or perhaps his loud plaid slacks and Hawaiian shirt. Whatever it is, this boisterous chubby kid has burned way into Stupid College Kid's People of the Year.


Jaime Pressly

What kind of fool would I be not to include Ms. Pressly on a site dedicated to college people. I first saw this beauty on MTV and havn't been able to see as good since. It's like staring at the sun, man!